Looking around you, your eyes are bombarded with visual stimuli on an hourly basis. Unless you understand what you are seeing, it's all just snapshots from the dark.

The technical communicator creates images to accompany the written words, so that the reader has a better chance of understanding the content at first glance. And to find out the true importance of the marraige of text and images, just open a book.

Images can range from technical to pure aesthetics, depending on the use. If you are looking for pictures or illustrations for a document, there are many ways to get these images. Photographs are always a popular choice, but sometimes they can contain too much extraneous information that distracts from the written content. A technical communicator will help to create the images that will be the perfect complement to the text.

Take a look at the illustrations here to see if they fit the bill. You may be surprised at what is available to you. Or ask for a sample today.

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