Who doesn't love Manga?


Ok, so I spent much of my youth living in Japan and let me tell you that it was an experience. Imagine a room full of people who look alike...then imagine that an alien enters that room...you pretty much have the experience of my childhood! Bring out the "Don't feed the animal" signs...SIGH!!!!

I read American comics growing up (MAD, Archie's, the usual stuff), but after I moved to Japan, I found a whole new genre of art that would take up the majority of my time, money, and interest...yes, the Japanese manga.

So many different artists of all caliber, as well as so many types of stories. Shoujo manga, shounen manga... then as I got older, of course more avenues opened that I'd have gotten grounded for if I'd read in my youth (yes, we all know what I mean -smirk). Nope, manga is not just for kids anymore (not that it ever was)!


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