Music sooths the savage.


And art is not complete without talking about music. For what would the art world be without music accompaniment. It would be like painting in shades of gray, instead of with the vivid palettes of bright and muted tones.

Like with visual arts, music is a personal preference that can make one listener happy while driving another insane. How any times have you driven with a family member, only to be in a state of war over the music that is on the radio?

Rock, pop, classical, raggae, jazz...there are as many types of music as there are listeners. And fortunately for us, there are many new musicians being introduced to the world on a daily basis.

I for one could not work without having something playing in the background. Of course, it depends on what I'm working on as to what I'll chose to listen to. But a good piece of music will always put a smile on my face, while I bounce to the tune.

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